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Vietnamese Women Fall Prey to Sex Racket

April 4, 2013


Fifteen Vietnamese women have been forced into sex slavery after going to work in Russia, according to one of them who managed to escape following a one-year ordeal at a Moscow brothel but is still living in fear of her captors. Huynh Thi Be Huong said she was among four women who initially fled the […]

Vietnamese Americans share stories of struggle for UCI project

March 8, 2013


Vietnamese Americans Save Memories For History On April 30, Vietnam will celebrate Liberation Day, a holiday marking the 38th anniversary of the reunification of North and South Vietnam following a 19-year conflict. ​​For Americans and their former South Vietnamese allies, that day in 1975 is remembered for the fall of Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh […]

In Vietnam, Anti-Chinese Protesters Find a New Outlet, Football

December 25, 2012


HANOI, Dec 23 (Reuters) – Under the watch of plainclothes police, midfielder Nguyen Van Phuong unleashed a powerful left-foot drive into the top corner. Dissidents cheered from the sidelines. “Down with China,” some shouted. Phuong pumped his fist. As tensions between Beijing and Hanoi escalate over the South China Sea, Vietnamese anti-China protesters who face […]

China Holds Ex-Journalist Who Wrote of Boys’ Deaths

November 24, 2012


BEIJING — A former journalist and his wife have been detained by security officers in China after he wrote online last week about five boys in Guizhou Province who died in a trash bin after taking shelter there from the cold, according to a lawyer and a friend of the ex-journalist. The lawyer, Li Fangping, said in […]

China reveals massive security operation to stop Tibetans setting fire to themselves

November 9, 2012


China has revealed it is using a massive surveillance camera network to cover restive areas of Tibet and bring to an end a grisly wave of self-immolations. Officials at the 18th party Congress claimed yesterday that the ‘Skynet’ network has divided the region into a closely monitored grid and that teams of security personnel can […]

Vietnam sentences 2 songwriters to prison for posting songs critical of the government

October 30, 2012


Any Vietnamese who accuses the Vietnamese Communist Party (VCP) of selling Vietnam out to China will be automatically sentenced to long years in jail. Below is proof that the VCP has tried its utmost to unofficially turn Vietnam into one of China’s newest colonial province. Vietnamese children waving modified China’s flag (5 small stars instead […]

Young Boys Were Seduced To Be Streetwalkers

October 25, 2012


Many boys were just in grade school in Hoc Mon, a ward in Ho Chi Minh, when they were seduced by a pimp to satisfy his gay sexual desires. After his desires were satisfied, the pimp forced the boys into prostitution by forcing them satisfying the needs of other “clients”. The whole incident was discovered […]

Apple Contractor Hon Hai Says It Hired Underage Workers

October 17, 2012


BEIJING—Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. 2317.TW -0.23% acknowledged that it hired underage workers at one of its China plants, in the latest hit to the labor practices of the major contractor for Apple Inc. AAPL +2.31% and other electronics giants. The Taiwanese company, which also uses the trade name Foxconn Technology Group, 2354.TW -0.89% said that it had employed interns as young as 14 at its campus in […]

The Shifting Terrain of Sex in China

October 17, 2012


Few human activities remain as ripe for study today as they did at the dawn of Chinese culture 5,000 or so years ago. But sex is one of them, and it’s the focus of a new book that peeks into the bedrooms and brothels of the world’s most populous nation. Released last month, “Behind the […]

Thinking About an Overseas Transfer?

September 10, 2012


First, get the answers to these four questions Some employees want to work abroad because they love the idea of living the life of an expatriate. Others look at an overseas assignment as golden for their résumés. But working outside of the U.S. isn’t necessarily good for everyone’s pocketbook. With many countries embroiled in economic […]

Hong Kong backs down over Chinese patriotism classes

September 8, 2012


The Hong Kong government has backed down over plans to make schoolchildren take Chinese patriotism classes, after weeks of protests. City leader Leung Chun-ying said the classes would be optional for schools. “The schools are given the authority to decide when and how they would like to introduce the moral and national education,” he said. […]

Legalizing exploitation of poor women not such a good idea

September 4, 2012


Last week in Vietweek, a local sociologist made an argument for legalizing prostitution in Vietnam because it was “normal” and the government could collect taxes. Although his argument was quite weak, many would seem to agree the world’s “oldest profession” should be legalized and managed for the safety of both the client and the service […]

Thousands in Hong Kong protest ‘brainwash’ education reform

September 3, 2012


Just days before the start of the school year, tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents took to the streets to protest what they believe is an attempt by authorities to ‘brainwash’ students. More than 40,000 people assembled outside government headquarters and demanded the cancellation of  ‘Chinese patriotism lessons’ proposed for school curriculums. Students and […]

Vietnamese woman has buried 4,000 aborted, abandoned babies found in the trash

August 31, 2012


One day, Pham Thi Cuong, now 74, was going to the local market when she saw a black plastic bag covered in flies on the sidewalk. Unexpectedly, the bag moved when she walked past. At first Cuong assumed that a local family must have discarded some animals, and walked past. But something made her turn […]

Sex in the city

August 13, 2012


Illegal brothels are flourishing in Melbourne and the authorities are struggling to stop them. SHE had signed up to work in a brothel. But when Jessica arrived in Australia from south-east Asia, the young mother didn’t expect that her passport would be confiscated or that she would have to work off a debt to her […]

Looks like U.S. won Vietnam war after all

July 8, 2012


Any American who lived through the Vietnam War might have to wonder what it was all about after wandering for a few days around Ho Chi Minh City, better known as Saigon. For while Saigon has been, since 1975, part of what calls itself the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the only evidence of a socialist […]

Vietnamese American brothers turn from seafood to nail salon to better their lives

June 22, 2011


MOBILE, Alabama — At Image Hair & Nails in Toulminville, Nick and Calvin Pham — born in Vietnam, raised in Bayou La Batre — lean from their work chairs cleaning, filing and polishing nails. Ten hours a day, six days a week, they welcome customers to the salon that they opened 2 months ago, putting […]

Vietnamese refugee opens Jacksonville podiatry practice

June 14, 2011


Jacksonville’s newest doctor is Linh Nguyen who opened Family Foot and Ankle Care in Paper Mill Village Shopping Center this spring. Nguyen offers treatments for a range of foot, ankle and leg problems at her new office and she performs surgeries at St. Joseph Medical Center and Greater Baltimore Medical Center. “The best part of […]

Computer class gives Vietnamese orphans a window to the world

June 14, 2011


The children sat at their desks, bare feet dangling next to power cords, as the instructors unpacked the small, plastic laptops. As they waited, they kept their eyes fixed on the tiny machines that transport them beyond the high walls of the neat but sparse orphanage — if only for a few hours. “It allows […]

Trafficked children condemned to a nightmare by state neglect

June 8, 2011


Thousands of trafficked children are being abused and murdered by their captors, but UK officials remain indifferent and sceptical. They are vulnerable, abused and, far too often, left to fend for themselves thousands of miles from home. Earlier this month, a petition signed by 735,889 Britons was handed into 10 Downing Street demanding greater protection […]


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