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China’s Xi Sets Tone on Regional Relations

April 7, 2013


BOAO, China—Chinese President Xi Jinping acknowledged Asian “frictions” and “hot spots” in an address on Sunday to regional business and political leaders amid mounting alarm over North Korea’s nuclear threat and territorial disputes between China and its neighbors. Mr. Xi didn’t single out any country in his address at the three-day Boao Forum for Asia, […]

South China Sea Relationship Status? It’s Complicated

March 13, 2013


The territorial claims in the South China Sea area remain like a bowl of noodles — crisscrossed, overlapping, and so intertwined that it is challenging to pinpoint a beginning and an end. Unraveling this web presents one of the most challenging international relations dilemmas of our present time and only a comprehensive approach is likely […]

China will defend its rights in territorial disputes

March 9, 2013


BEIJING, MAR 9:  Likening the situation in its troubled neighbourhood to a “military chess game”, China today said it will firmly defend its territorial sovereignty and rights but at the same time try to resolve differences through talks upholding regional peace and stability. Addressing his annual press conference here today coinciding with the new leadership […]

Who’s Bluffing Whom in the South China Sea?

March 8, 2013


The latitude for action on the part of all the parties is limited The territorial and maritime disputes in the South China Sea continue to plague and jeopardize the peace and security of the region. These disputes are many, including the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands, the Paracels, the Scarborough Shoal, and the Spratly Islands; and although these […]

China navy seeks to “wear out” Japanese ships in disputed waters

March 7, 2013


HONG KONG–China’s naval and paramilitary ships are churning up the ocean around islands it disputes with Tokyo in what experts say is a strategy to overwhelm the numerically inferior Japanese forces that must sail out to detect and track the flotillas. A daily stream of bulletins announce ship deployments into the East China Sea, naval […]

Beijing restaurant draws flak for banning Japanese, Pinoys, Vietnamese, dogs

February 28, 2013


HANOI – A sign at a Beijing restaurant barring citizens of nations involved in maritime disputes with China—along with dogs—has triggered a wave of online outrage among Vietnamese and Filipinos. The Beijing Snacks restaurant near the Forbidden City, a popular tourist spot, has posted a sign on its door reading “This shop does not receive […]

Shinzo Abe accuses China’s rulers of using island disputes to retain power

February 28, 2013


Japanese PM says Beijing’s educational system fuels hostility over rival territorial claims China has a “deeply ingrained” need to spar with Japan and other Asian neighbours over territory, because the ruling Communist party uses the disputes to maintain strong domestic support, Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe said in an interview. Clashes with neighbours, notably Japan, […]

The South China Sea: Claims and Implications

February 28, 2013


If this century should be an “Asian Century,” it risks being unraveled by the ongoing South China Sea disputes Disputes on hegemony over the South China Sea, developing as a result of China’s claims to almost the entire body of water, may well prove to be a key defining issue in the future of Asia […]

Vietnamese Angry Over Beijing Restaurant Racism

February 26, 2013


A Beijing restaurant’s refusal to serve customers from countries locked in maritime territorial disputes with China has drawn the ire of netizens from at least one of the nations—Vietnam. The restaurant has put up on its window racially charged signs in Chinese and English that said, “This shop does not welcome Japanese, Filipinos, and Vietnamese, […]

Southeast Asian countries stock up on arms as they face off with China

February 9, 2013


Southeast Asian countries are stocking up on the latest military gadgets, expanding an international arms web as they seek to counter China’s rise Two Russian-built Kilo submarines cruise the dark, frigid waters of the North Sea out of Kaliningrad, being readied for delivery later this year to Vietnam, where Indian technicians are already helping to […]

How a non-existent island became China’s southernmost territory

February 8, 2013


Where is the “southernmost point of Chinese territory”? It’s a controversial question and the least controversial answer might be Hainan Island . More controversial options would be the Paracel (Xisha) islands or the Spratlys (Nansha). But officially the southernmost point is even further south – as far south as the James Shoal, about 100 kilometres […]

China Threatened Japan’s Forces

February 6, 2013


Abe Condemns China’s ‘Dangerous’ Use of Weapons-Targeting Radar Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says it is “extremely regrettable” that a Chinese warship locked its pre-firing radar on a Japanese navy boat near disputed islands last week. Speaking to a parliamentary session Wednesday, Abe called the move “dangerous.” He said it could lead to an accidental […]

The Philippines is taking the South China sea’s bully to court

January 28, 2013


Manila challenges Beijing’s South China Sea hegemony Shoal at center of territorial spat The Philippines said Tuesday that it is taking its feud with China over competing territorial claims in the South China Sea to an international tribunal. Philippines Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario’s office summoned Chinese Ambassador Ma Keqing in Manila and challenged the […]

South China Sea 2013: Betting on the American Horse

January 17, 2013


As the New Year rolls in, tensions in the South China Sea remain as high as ever A little more than two weeks into 2013, eyes remain on the South China Sea and the maritime disputes, and the Western Pacific. The disputes remain fluid and the region dynamic. It is far too early into the […]

China to Invest $1.6 Billion on Disputed Islands

December 26, 2012


China plans to spend more than $1 billion building an airport, piers and other infrastructure on islands at the center of a territorial dispute with Vietnam and the Philippines, the 21st Century Business Herald reported. The central government approved plans to invest 10 billion yuan ($1.6 billion) in infrastructure for areas administered by the city […]

ASEAN members seek India’s help on South China Sea disputes

December 21, 2012


Southeast Asian countries have urged India to intervene to help resolve bitter territorial disputes with China in the South China Sea. Asean called on India, which vowed to promote co-operation on trade and maritime security with the bloc, to take a more decisive stance in the region. Individual countries in the 10-member Association of Southeast […]

China’s Oil Play Just Starting

December 16, 2012


The Canadian government’s recent approval of Chinese oil giant CNOOC’s $15 billion bid to take over Nexen gives CNOOC oil assets in the North Sea, West Africa, the Gulf of Mexico, and Western Canada, as well as oil sands and shale gas. The deal will help the Chinese outfit obtain a more balanced, international portfolio […]

Philippines backs rearmed Japan to ‘balance’ China

December 13, 2012


Japan should become a fully fledged military force and act as a balance against China, says Philippines Manila: The Philippines would support Japan dropping its pacifist constitution to become a fully fledged military force and act as a balance against a rising China, a government spokesman said Monday. In an interview with the Financial Times, foreign […]

Do China’s New Maritime Regulations Accord With International Law?

December 12, 2012


China’s new regulations allowing the seizure of foreign vessels acting illegally in its claimed territorial sea in the South China Sea may accord with international law, but they might also open the South China Sea disputes to compulsory arbitration. ONCE AGAIN China has stirred up a “hornets’ nest” in the South China Sea. New regulations […]

The Philippines is now alone against China in South China sea’s disputes

December 9, 2012


Vietnam once again broke up anti-China peaceful protests in Hanoi and Saigon this morning (Sunday 9/12/2012), and reaffirms its incestuous close tie to Beijing, leaving the Philippines as the only ASEAN’s member to fight off China’s aggression in the South China sea.  Cambodia and Laos are under Vietnam’s control, and unofficially became China’s newest province […]


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