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China’s Xi Sets Tone on Regional Relations

April 7, 2013


BOAO, China—Chinese President Xi Jinping acknowledged Asian “frictions” and “hot spots” in an address on Sunday to regional business and political leaders amid mounting alarm over North Korea’s nuclear threat and territorial disputes between China and its neighbors. Mr. Xi didn’t single out any country in his address at the three-day Boao Forum for Asia, […]

Anti-Nuclear Energy Activists Becoming More Vocal in Taiwan

March 13, 2013


TAPEI — A wave of mass street protests in Taiwan has prompted the island’s government to reconsider a fourth nuclear power plant. Demonstrators at concerts and elsewhere this past weekend said the plant would threaten inhabitants of Taiwan’s north coast. About 220,000 people turned out for loud, emotional demonstrations in Taiwan’s three biggest cities to […]

South China Sea Relationship Status? It’s Complicated

March 13, 2013


The territorial claims in the South China Sea area remain like a bowl of noodles — crisscrossed, overlapping, and so intertwined that it is challenging to pinpoint a beginning and an end. Unraveling this web presents one of the most challenging international relations dilemmas of our present time and only a comprehensive approach is likely […]

China will defend its rights in territorial disputes

March 9, 2013


BEIJING, MAR 9:  Likening the situation in its troubled neighbourhood to a “military chess game”, China today said it will firmly defend its territorial sovereignty and rights but at the same time try to resolve differences through talks upholding regional peace and stability. Addressing his annual press conference here today coinciding with the new leadership […]

China navy seeks to “wear out” Japanese ships in disputed waters

March 7, 2013


HONG KONG–China’s naval and paramilitary ships are churning up the ocean around islands it disputes with Tokyo in what experts say is a strategy to overwhelm the numerically inferior Japanese forces that must sail out to detect and track the flotillas. A daily stream of bulletins announce ship deployments into the East China Sea, naval […]

How a non-existent island became China’s southernmost territory

February 8, 2013


Where is the “southernmost point of Chinese territory”? It’s a controversial question and the least controversial answer might be Hainan Island . More controversial options would be the Paracel (Xisha) islands or the Spratlys (Nansha). But officially the southernmost point is even further south – as far south as the James Shoal, about 100 kilometres […]

China Threatened Japan’s Forces

February 6, 2013


Abe Condemns China’s ‘Dangerous’ Use of Weapons-Targeting Radar Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says it is “extremely regrettable” that a Chinese warship locked its pre-firing radar on a Japanese navy boat near disputed islands last week. Speaking to a parliamentary session Wednesday, Abe called the move “dangerous.” He said it could lead to an accidental […]

China’s Oil Play Just Starting

December 16, 2012


The Canadian government’s recent approval of Chinese oil giant CNOOC’s $15 billion bid to take over Nexen gives CNOOC oil assets in the North Sea, West Africa, the Gulf of Mexico, and Western Canada, as well as oil sands and shale gas. The deal will help the Chinese outfit obtain a more balanced, international portfolio […]

The Philippines is now alone against China in South China sea’s disputes

December 9, 2012


Vietnam once again broke up anti-China peaceful protests in Hanoi and Saigon this morning (Sunday 9/12/2012), and reaffirms its incestuous close tie to Beijing, leaving the Philippines as the only ASEAN’s member to fight off China’s aggression in the South China sea.  Cambodia and Laos are under Vietnam’s control, and unofficially became China’s newest province […]

“New Chinese Passports ‘Counterproductive’”

November 30, 2012


Indonesia’s foreign minister said in an interview published on Thursday that new Chinese passports featuring a map laying claim to disputed islands were “counterproductive.” Although it is not a claimant itself, Indonesia has mediated in the dispute between China and several members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), using its position as the […]

Strategy for an Unthinkable Conflict

November 28, 2012


The Obama administration’s “rebalancing to Asia” has generated a great deal of discussion about how it impacts the defense acquisition budget but little about the military strategy necessary to support the shift. Although conflict in the Asia-Pacific is unlikely and extremely undesirable, the United States still needs a strategy.  The primary strategic goal is to […]

Taiwan media deal sparks protests over pro-China buyer

November 27, 2012


TAIPEI, Taiwan — Asian media mogul Jimmy Lai’s expected sale of his Taiwan holdings to a Taiwanese group that includes an outspokenly pro-China businessman has sparked protests in Taipei as fears grow it will rein in a source of lively, independent reporting on the democratic island. Lai spokesman Mark Simon said Tuesday he expected the […]

Kowtowing to China, the ‘Business Week’ Way

November 26, 2012


Bloomberg Businessweek just published a piece that will undoubtedly be the toast of the Central Party School in Beijing. Entitled “Japan’s Politicians Anger China Afresh,” by Asia regional editor Bruce Einhorn, it is a classic exercise in how to subordinate one’s national interest for fear of offending Peking. In Einhorn’s view, apparently, conservatives everywhere are […]

China’s Military Advances With Aircraft Carrier Fighter Landings

November 26, 2012


China achieved a military milestone when a homegrown fighter jet landed on its new aircraft carrier, the latest step in a modernization bid that’s recorded advances in submarines, cyber warfare and in outer space. The J-15 fighter jet successfully landed on the Liaoning aircraft carrier, the official Xinhua news agency reported Nov. 24, citing unnamed […]

China’s role in Southeast Asia questioned

November 25, 2012


BEIJING (AP) — China is finding the once friendly ground of Southeast Asia bumpy going, with anger against Chinese claims to disputed islands, once reliable ally Myanmar flirting with democracy and renewed American attention to the region. >> China publishes map of Sansha, South China Sea islands The changing terrain for Beijing was on view […]

New Chinese Passports’ Map Includes Disputed South China Sea Territory

November 25, 2012


The conflicting territorial claims in the South China Sea by powers such as China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, and Malaysia have long been a point of contention. However, on Friday the Chinese government issued new passports with a map of China that includes a disputed area of the South China Sea in its territory. […]

How U.S. ‘Pivot’ Could Hurt Reform in China

November 23, 2012


U.S. President Barack Obama visited Myanmar on Monday in an historic trip many hope will hasten political and economic reforms already under way there. >> U.S. pivot bumps Asian economic reality What role does the U.S. have to play in promoting political reform in Myanmar’s big neighbor to the north? According to some Chinese with […]

U.S.’s massive foreign debt key to new trading bloc: ASEAN+ China

November 20, 2012


PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — Ten Southeast Asian nations said Tuesday that they would begin negotiating a sweeping trade pact that would include China and five of the region’s other major trading partners, but not the United States. The proposal for the new trade bloc, to be known as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, is enthusiastically embraced by […]

China Inflexible on Sea Disputes Ahead of ASEAN Summit

November 17, 2012


China’s territorial disputes with its neighbors are expected to top the agenda when regional leaders, including heads of state from U.S., China, Japan, Australia and others meet in Cambodia in the coming days. Of the 10 ASEAN countries set to meet on Sunday, four are at odds with China over territory in the South China Sea. A […]

Asia Leaders to Discuss Cooperation, Rights, and Disputes With China

November 14, 2012


BANGKOK — Leaders in Asia will be gathering in Cambodia later this month (Nov 18-20) for a summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Territorial tensions between ASEAN members and China marred a summit in July, adding pressure to the meeting as President Obama is set to make a historic visit. The last regional meeting […]


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