Shemales offer sex to steal from foreigners

Posted on May 13, 2011


Vietnamese Shemale

A phenomenon in which trans-sexual ‘girls’ lured foreigners to hotel rooms to have sex and then stole their assets has recently been reported in Ho Chi Minh City, especially in District 1 – the backpacker’s area.

Those shemales target foreign men who wander on streets alone at night. Those men are called by shemales as “Tay mo coi” (“orphaned foreigners).

Every night, shemales travel about the city downtown on luxury scooters to hunt for “preys”.

Accompanying some District 1’s criminal policemen on the night of April 8, Tuoi Tre reporters found many nice trans-sexual girls traveling around many streets in the district like Tran Hung Dao, Le Lai, and Nguyen Thai Hoc to search for “orphaned foreigners.”

At first sight, nobody could know such girls were actually young men who have undergone sex change surgeries, as most of them are beautiful and charming.

At 23:50 p.m. , we saw two “girls” stop their deluxe scooter in a corner of the crossroads of Nguyen Thai Hoc – Pham Ngu Lao Streets. One of them got off the bike and came over to a foreign pedestrian, may be a South Korean.

After a few minutes talking with the girl, the man went away, but the girls still followed him to Bui Vien Street. The two sides continued negotiating and then the man got in a taxi with one of the shemales.

The taxi ran towards Chu Y Bridge and then turned right to Pham The Hien Street in District 8. When reaching near the Mat Bridge, the taxi suddenly turned back and ran to the foot of the Chu Y Bridge and stopped.

The girls rushed out of the taxi and went away to the surprise of the foreign man.

It seemed that the girls could have found something unsafe or had some argument with the man.

Offer sex to steal assets
Earlier, on March 19, at the 23-9 Park, near New World Hotel in District 1, we witnessed two shemales coaxing two Japanese men into spending a night with them.

After no more than 1 minute of bargaining, the men agreed to go with the beauties, who drove them on their Attila to a hotel on Hung Vuong in District 10.

Only ten minutes later, the two shemales hurriedly get out of the hotel and drove away in two different directions.

The two Japanese rushed out of the hotel a few minutes later, looking around with anger. They then asked hotel staffs and motorbike taxi drivers nearby about the two girls. Eventual, they could do nothing other than take a taxi to return to New World Hotel.

On the way to the hotel, the taxi had to stop at an ATM box on Nguyen Trai Street for the guests to withdraw money.

Tuoi Tre reporters came and asked them what had happened to them, but the Japanese men embarrassedly said they did not want to report the problem to police.

On February 24, two other Japanese young men were driven by two pretty shemales and a Vietnamese man from Le Lai Street in District 1 to a hotel in District 10.

Similarly, the girls and the local man left the hotel only after 15 minutes. One of the Japanese men later reported to the police of Ben Thanh ward, where they registered for temporary residence.

He said the two ‘girls’ lured him and his friend to go for a message at a price of VND400,000/person.

Once in a hotel room, the girl asked him to take off his clothes and lie on his belly on the bed. While ‘she’ was massaging him, he [with his face down] had a feeling that some other people secretly entered the room but he could not turn over as she was weighing down on him.

After the massage ended, he discovered he lost VND4 million (US$195). The girl was nowhere to be found.

After looking at a number of photos of shemales provided by the police, he identified the ‘girl’ who had been with him in the hotel room.

The girl is actually a young man, Nguyen Minh Tri, 18, who has undergone a sex change surgery and is now living in District 8.

Two criminal shemales rings
There are two gangs of trans-sexual women who conducted crimes in District 1., said the district police department.

One of the two gangs is led by a shemales named G.K., coming from the underground world in District 8, according to police.

The gang operates in the areas on Pham Ngu Lao and Le Lai streets, District 1, where many foreigners live in hotels.

The gang members usually lured their “preys” to hotels in other districts for sex or massage and then stole their money while they were in the bathroom or sleeping.

The thieves would manage to hand over the stolen money to ‘her’ mates waiting outside the room.

The other gang is also headed by trans-sexual women, Men, and operates mainly in the Da Kao ward area with similar tricks.

The fact that the gangs took their guests to different hotels in different districts causes a lot of difficulties to relevant agencies in catching them, said police.

In addition, the gangs are also helped by a number of motorbike taxi drivers, who would drive the thieves away on their motorbikes after each accomplished mission.

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