Republican Senator, Vietnam Veteran Endorses President Obama

Posted on October 8, 2012


Pressler is like John Kerry: a fake and a disgrace to Vietnam Veterans by supporting the closeted communist Obama. Secondly, Pressler is a coward by hiding behind American soldiers’ love for the country to attack Romney by exploiting the ‘47%’ comment. Incidentally, Romney has admitted that he was 100% wrong in making that comment.

Personally, I believe Romney was referring to people who make a career being a federal government employee like Obama, Biden, etc., and nobody is fooled by Democrats’ fear-mongering tactic when they try to link Romney’s comment to attacking or belittling American soldiers.

Our allies in East and Southeast Asia are wavering their resolve because of Obama’s pivot-to-Asia policy when Hillary Clinton openly admonished Japan and the Philippines in their disputes against China’s aggression in East and South China seas.

Instead of asking our allies to shift their manufacturing bases to ASEAN to counter China’s checkbook diplomacy, and to divert capital/direct investments in the U.S. to create jobs for Americans, Obama has done neither.

Romeny is totally correct when showing his concerns for Obama’s lack of enthusiasm in being honest with American people.

Anybody who has followed news NOW knows that Obama had intentionally failed to provide adequate security to U.S. diplomatic personnel, and Obama had ridiculed patriots like Romney by questioning their doubt on his handling of ambassador Stevens’ death. It is unconscionably to be haughty about Americans’ death, especially who die while serving our country.
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