Young Boys Were Seduced To Be Streetwalkers

Posted on October 25, 2012


Many boys were just in grade school in Hoc Mon, a ward in Ho Chi Minh, when they were seduced by a pimp to satisfy his gay sexual desires. After his desires were satisfied, the pimp forced the boys into prostitution by forcing them satisfying the needs of other “clients”.

The whole incident was discovered by PV Youth; PV Youth happens to enter a pedophile web page by chance that was dedicated to gay men.

After a period of visiting the site, PV found a phone number and a chat nickname for a powerful pimp named Thuan . Thuan manages over a dozens of children ready to satisfy gay men sexual desires.

A prostitution experience

On the afternoon on Oct 8th, – a “customer” was looking for a male prostitute for his boss to satisfy his sexual desire message to Thuan: “Looking for relief for my boss, when do you have one available?”. About 30 minutes later, Thuan message back: “8 years old (8 years old),” anal intercourse on the house”, tan skin, good service, a $ 1 million (vnd).

After that, at a coffee shop on Highway 80B (Hiep Thanh Ward, District 12), Thuan led by a boy of about 11-12 years old, bright-faced, white, named Bi. Thuan could not find an 8-year-old boy as promised so Thuan brought an 11 years old boy instead. Thuan guarantee the customer the boy is still a virgin. The customer is to deposits 200,000 vnd. The fee for oral sex is $1 million vnd while for an anal intercourse is $2 million VND.

Thuan said: “I rarely revealed myself unless there in acquaintance referred me the customers”. Thuan bragged how smart Bi is. Thuan told the customer Bi is currently in 6th grade and is doing really well in school. Thuan told the customer he was able to seduce Bi after a few times going swimming and kite flying. Thuan assures the customer, “this “product” includes free screening. Bi has only hug, kiss, and has only touch body parts but he has not perform anal intercourse.”

A victim was filmed and posted on the internet by Thuan


Thuan also bragged he has received many compliments for his luring boys and make the boys service the gay. He said he has a lot of pictures on the phone to prove it. Thuan is the head of the operation called “Dam Go” which specializing in recruiting young boys and coordinate the time and place that is convenient to the client. After the client has deposited the money, Thuan will find the matching “product” for the client that will service the client late in the evening or on Sunday at a hotel. Each service can be an hr to 2 hrs long at District 12 in Ho Moc ward. Thuan explained there are no services in the morning because the boys have to attend school.

Thuan’s clients range from students in Ho Chi Minh to foreign tourists. Most of these clients request hot young boy with white skin and undeveloped genitals. According to Thuan, he has lured over dozens of young boys ranging from 12-14. Thuan has kept these boys to pleasure himself while selling them to service other gay clients.

Portrait of man metamorphosis

According to PV Youth, Thuan’s real name is Han Truong Thi. Thuan is currently 20 yrs old and is currently residing in Thoi Tam Thon district, Hoc Mon ward). He is currently a senior in high school at District 12 High School. He is well known for his sweet and slick talk among the gay community. He is known as to have a large numbers of boy prostitutions ranging from 8-14 years old to exchange and sold with his gay fellows. Thuan is also known as the “Anal Thuan” or Toan Duc Le. THuan took the name Toan Duc Le (name of a real 16 yrs old student) to attend compulsory education classes at Dong Thanh district in Hoc Moc. This is an opportunity for Thuan to meet many other boys in school.

Previously, Thuan lives with his mother and stepfather at Dong Thanh; Thuan’s stepfather was caught raping a young girl near their residence. Thuan has to escape to his grandmother’s house in Thoi Tam Thon for safety but Thuan regularly return to Dong Thanh and the surrounding areas. Thuan finds more ways to seduce his past victims, forcing the children to satisfy his desires or service other clients.

According to the investigation, Thuan has taken many boys to service many gay men. There are hot sex scene that Thuan has recorded for memories and also to use as a threat to the children when they do not listen.

With slick and smart mouth plus able to grasp the psychology of how children wants money, Thuan does everything he can to spoiled and pampered the boys by purchasing phones, gaming money, and transport to school. Through the nicknames on Yahoo! nhoc_deu92, thanhson.tk29, luxubu_201032 and accounts on the forum, Thuan continue to lure more children into his traps.

Panic and indignation

On Oct 15th at noon, we visited the home of N. in Hoc Mon. N is one of the dozens of boys that Thuan has filmed himself performing full pathological behavior. N’s mother said trembling, “I know Thuan is gat. Many times my son sleeps, Thuan would stripped my son’s clothes and perform sexual activities. I have yelled and prohibited him from doing such thing. I can’t believe he is still doing it…Who would have thought?”

Kneeling on the floor, N. at the age of 13, just shivering, his hands clinging onto his mother’s shirt: “Every time he waited for me to sleep then take advantage of me while other times he let me take sleeping pills so I would fall asleep therefore I am not aware of anything.”

Each time Thuan sexually engaged with N, he would film it and share it on the web.

Next we visited Bi, the boy whom Thuan has brought to sell to Phong. Bi’s real name is D. Bi is currently 12 years old residing in Hoc Mon. Bi’s parents were shocked to learned Thuan has brought their son to sell to gay men to perform sexual activities for $2million vnd. According to the parents, Bi has degenerative joint disease. He has went through 2 surgical procedures. The family had to sell the house for the surgeries; they had to run around to find ways to pay off their debts and to take care of their children.

When checking Bi’s phone, his parents found a lot of messages from Thuan’s phone numbers. The main content of the text is Thuan seducing the child to serve his clients and in return Bi will have a lot of money. When Bi refused to go, Thuan bullied and threatened Bi. Bi explained the first time he met Thuan was in June 2011, when his brother and him went for a swim. Thuan lured Bi to the park by offering fish fry balls and then gradually seducing Bi and told Bi if he kisses Thuan, Thuan will buy more.

On October 16th, we went to see T. T is 14 years old and live in Phu Nhuan District. T is also a victim. In front of T’s relatives, T choked for words so we suggested speaking in private. T agreed and informed us Thuan is a friend of his brother, T.

More than a year ago, Thuan invited T to go eat. After eating, Thuan brought T to the home of an acquaintance in Dong Thanh province. At this place, Thuan lured T to the bedroom on the upper level to sleep. While T was sleeping, Thuan held T down and control T so Thuan can sexually abused T. Because T is so small, he could not escape Thuan. Recently on Oct 13th, Thuan came to T’s house to hang out with T’s older brother. At approximately 3am-4am, T was once again being stripped by Thuan but luckily T was able to escape this time.

“Every time I think about it..I have nightmares. It is so disgusting. The flashback and image haunt me greatly that I could not escape it…I am very angry but fear of being humiliated so I do not dare to say anything to anyone “- T. choked at each words.

“I still have a lot tricks.”

This is what Thuan warned the children. Each time the children service the men, they must return 30% of the money with a minimum rate of $500,000 vnd per child per service this way Thuan easily take in $150,000 vnd. In a meeting with C. (12 years, in Hoc Mon), Thuan playing games counseling “morality”: “You have to remember who has helped to get here. Remember to repay as a token of appreciation.”

After several days of following Thuan, we witnessed everywhere Thuan goes, he attracted many boys to follow him. One day in October, Thuan came to a small hut in the larger garden near Nguyen Anh Thu (District 12). When just arrived, Thuan open speakers to play loud music in the car as a signal. When the signal is given, a group of 4-5 boys run to the hut where Thuan is at. Thuan would take advantage of the boys and began kissing them and engage in sexual activities with the boys.

Thuan gets acquainted with 4th to 6th grader at recreation areas such as swimming pools, parks, or internet store then he would invite them to go play games, go out to eat, buy gifts or give money to them so they would hang out with him so he can gradually lure them in to performing sexually activities and to be part of his sex filming. The main reason Thuan films his sexual activities with the is to force the children to do whatever he asked.

According to Youth News.

Translated by Kaitlyn Tu – You can read the original version entitle “Dụ dỗ bé trai đi khách