Another sad case of Vietnam’s human trafficking to Taiwan

Posted on March 7, 2013


After suffering through domestic violence for 16 years in Taiwan, a 42-year-old Vietnamese woman died after having her neck slashed by her Taiwanese husband with a knife last week.

Police in Taipei, Taiwan, have arrested a local man, Huang Donghe, for killing his Vietnamese wife, Ninh Le Phung, by slashing her in the neck on March 1.

Phung was born into a Vietnamese family of Chinese origin in Ho Chi Minh City.

Yesterday evening, when contacted by Tuoi Tre at her home in Ward 5, District 11, HCMC, Ninh Le Chanh, Phung’s older sister, said “My limbs were numb with fear when I heard the bad news. I don’t know why this happened after they lived together for 16 years and had two children.”

Chanh said three of her siblings had gone to Taiwan that morning to receive Phung’s body and repatriate it to Vietnam.

According to a Taiwanese newspaper, on the day of the killing Huang went to the shoe factory where Phung was working in Taipei and drunkenly scolded her.

The factory’s manager called police to throw him out and Phung later went home after getting permission from her boss.

When Phung got home Huang was drinking and continued cursing at her. At 1:40 pm, Phung went to the local police station to report the problem and asked for a certificate of protection against domestic violence.

A file photo showing Phung and her two daughters at Vietnam's Nha Trang beach (Photo:

A file photo showing Phung and her two daughters at Vietnam’s Nha Trang beach (Photo:

After Phung returned home, her husband kept on insulting her, so she showed him the certificate, but he said, “You will have no chance to use this paper…”

Huang then reached for a nearby knife and slashed his wife on the neck. Phung tried to flee the house but she fell down after running only 10 meters.

Police were called to the scene and arrested Huang, who coolly said, “I wanted to kill her to… educate her.”

According to police, Phung died because her carotid artery was cut by the knife.

On March 2, when forced by Taipei police to call Phung’s family in Vietnam to tell them about his wife’s death, Huang said, “I have killed Phung. She disobeyed so I killed her.”

According to locals, Huang is a carpenter and an alcoholic. He and Phung got married through an intermediary, and throughout their relationship he would assault her after getting drunk.

They had two daughters, who are 14 and 12 years old.

Tuoi Tre