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‘My Sister Was Forced Into Sex Slavery’

April 14, 2013


Hui Danh’s sister Huynh Thi Be Huong is one of 15 young women from Vietnam who fell prey to a Vietnamese-run sex trafficking ring in Russia. According to the women, when they asked for help from the Vietnamese embassy in Moscow, their situation got worse because officials there were linked with the traffickers. On April 11, 2013 […]

Vietnamese Women Fall Prey to Sex Racket

April 4, 2013


Fifteen Vietnamese women have been forced into sex slavery after going to work in Russia, according to one of them who managed to escape following a one-year ordeal at a Moscow brothel but is still living in fear of her captors. Huynh Thi Be Huong said she was among four women who initially fled the […]

Vietnamese study to be ‘perfect Korean wives’

December 5, 2012


‘Wife classes’ take hold in Vietnam as South Korea addresses a surge in international marriages – and its problems. >> Another tragic end to Vietnam’s Human Trafficking saga >> Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery >> Human Trafficking – Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Written in Vietnamese, the text implores the new brides: “Keep […]

Vietnamese women who make their living in Malaysia

November 6, 2012


Leaving their husbands and children at home, these women go to Malaysia to work and save every coin to send back home for their families. Many of them have not returned home to see their families for ten years. In late October, Vietnam was in the autumn already but in Malaysia, the weather was still […]

Young Boys Were Seduced To Be Streetwalkers

October 25, 2012


Many boys were just in grade school in Hoc Mon, a ward in Ho Chi Minh, when they were seduced by a pimp to satisfy his gay sexual desires. After his desires were satisfied, the pimp forced the boys into prostitution by forcing them satisfying the needs of other “clients”. The whole incident was discovered […]

Vietnam to free prostitutes from rehab

October 11, 2012


HANOI (Oct 11, 2012): Vietnam will free about 900 sex workers next year from compulsory rehabilitation centres across the country, state media reported Thursday. The prostitutes will be able to return home when a newly amended administrative law comes into effect at the start of July 2013, according to the Thanh Nien newspaper. “This is […]

Legalizing exploitation of poor women not such a good idea

September 4, 2012


Last week in Vietweek, a local sociologist made an argument for legalizing prostitution in Vietnam because it was “normal” and the government could collect taxes. Although his argument was quite weak, many would seem to agree the world’s “oldest profession” should be legalized and managed for the safety of both the client and the service […]