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Tibetan Buddhism’s Karmapa Lama

March 13, 2013


A religious figure comes into his own as artist and green activist Ogyen Trinley Dorje, the 17th Karmapa Lama, arrived in India in January 2000, literally moving from his 12th century headquarters in Tibet onto the front page of international papers. Now, imagine a setting where, as a 28-year old teacher, he holds a few […]

Vietnamese Journalist Sheds Fresh Light on Reunification

December 15, 2012


North Vietnam’s capture of Saigon during the tumultuous days of April 1975 is a pivotal moment in Asia’s post-colonial history, but the story of what happened next is relatively little-known, both in and outside the country. Huy Duc, a veteran Vietnamese journalist, is aiming to shed new light on the reunification of Vietnam and its […]

Human rights once again a thorny issue between U.S. and Vietnam

December 13, 2012


Meeting delay a sign of cooling US-Vietnam ties HANOI, Vietnam — The U.S. and Vietnam, former enemies who share concerns about China’s rise, are finding that one issue – human rights – is keeping them from becoming closer friends. >> USCIRF Annual Report 2012 – Countries of Particular Concern: Vietnam Stress between the nations is […]

Two Vietnamese American priests removed at Little Saigon parish

December 2, 2012


Members of the congregation at St. Barbara’s in Santa Ana are confused and angry. The priests are being sent to other Orange County parishes. In a well-lit gym, the two men in white and gold robes sat on folding chairs, struggling to control their emotions. The Catholic faithful — grandmothers, fathers, members of a youth […]

Tibetan Student Protests Spread

November 29, 2012


Chinese police beat up and detain demonstrators following another self-immolation. Tibetan student protests against Chinese rule spread Wednesday in Qinghai province as another Tibetan burned himself to death to signal opposition to Beijing’s policy. Students from the Tsolho Technical School in Chabcha (in Chinese, Gonghe) county in the Tsolho (Hainan) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture stormed out […]

New Law Limits Religious Freedom

November 29, 2012


A rights group says new rules in Vietnam give the state more power to curb religious freedom. A new decree on religion in Vietnam gives the one-party communist state greater control of people’s beliefs and undermines religious freedom in the country, a rights group said Thursday. The Paris-based International Buddhist Information Bureau said it was […]

In Tibet: Protests and Self-Immolations Continue

November 17, 2012


During the 18th Party Congress in Beijing, a total of eleven Tibetans set themselves on fire, bringing the total thus far to an estimated 74 individuals. The self-immolations are undoubtedly an embarrassment to Chinese leaders, who were hoping to keep the spotlight focused on their once-in-a-decade political transition of power. Hu Jintao did not directly […]