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Chinese Artist Depicts Tibetan Protesters

March 19, 2013


Self-immolations by Tibetan monks have spiked with China’s leadership change. Beijing continues to ignore their message. BEIJING — On the fifth anniversary of violent protests against Chinese rule in Lhasa, Tibet, authorities are still grappling with unrest and a wave of self-immolations in Tibetan areas of China. One Beijing-based artist is trying to commemorate the lost […]

Tibetan Buddhism’s Karmapa Lama

March 13, 2013


A religious figure comes into his own as artist and green activist Ogyen Trinley Dorje, the 17th Karmapa Lama, arrived in India in January 2000, literally moving from his 12th century headquarters in Tibet onto the front page of international papers. Now, imagine a setting where, as a 28-year old teacher, he holds a few […]

Statement of Sikyong on 54th Tibetan National Uprising Day

March 10, 2013


On this day in 1959, thousands of Tibetans from all walks of life and all three regions of Tibet (U-Tsang, Kham and Amdo) converged in Lhasa to resist and protest the Chinese invasion and occupation of Tibet. We are the children of this tragic yet historic moment in Tibet’s rich, unique, 2,000-plus year history. Today, […]

The limits of despair

March 8, 2013


Five years after an explosion of unrest on the Tibetan plateau, the region is again in crisis. This time the world is looking away INSIDE a small monastery in China’s Qinghai province, a red-robed monk looks around to see if he is being watched, then begins sobbing. “We just want the Dalai Lama to come […]

Tibetan gets 13 years for inciting self-immolation

February 8, 2013


BEIJING — A Chinese court on Friday sentenced a man to 13 years in prison for inciting an ethnic Tibetan monk to set himself on fire, the latest punishment meted out in a crackdown as Chinese authorities try to stop a string of self-immolation protests that has reached almost 100 incidents. The monk in China’s […]

China sentences two Tibetans over self-immolation protests

January 31, 2013


A Chinese court on Thursday (Jan. 31, 2013) sentenced a Tibetan man to death with a two-year reprieve, convicting him of “inciting” eight people to carry out self-immolation protests last year. In the first major case involving self-immolation protests that have spread across Tibetan areas in recent months, Lorang Konchok (40), a monk in the […]

‘The Tibetan Cause Is Not Hopeless’

November 30, 2012


The cause of Tibetan independence is not hopeless, Lobsang Sangay, leader of the Tibetan government-in-exile, said in an interview Thursday. “There is hope, primarily because of the Tibetan spirit and their continuing assertion of identity, and the sense of unity and solidarity inside and outside of Tibet has never been stronger,” Mr. Sangay said. Mr. […]